Ich mache eine Sache

Der Text ist für dich. Ich mag es wenn du auf Spanisch lachst und ich mag es wenn du melancholisch ja sagst, was eher wie ein trauriges jaaahh klingt, die Schwere dieser Welt in jedem Buchstaben. Jede Fliege ist für dich ein Mosquito und wenn du noch wieder sagst denke ich daran, dass es das gar nicht gibt außerhalb von dir, nur bei dir eben, nur du. Hej Laura.

Ich mache eine Sache sagst du und dann passiert was. Als wir die Sangria für deinen Sternwaldwiesegeburtstag zauberten und das Fünflitergefäß direkt vor mir brach und sich alles, wirklich alles über mich ergoss und ich da stand in meiner Unterhose und sich meine Beine färbten und du bereits den Aufnehmer schwangst da wusste ich, du und ich, wer wenn nicht du, wer wenn nicht ich, wer wenn nicht wir.

Ich zog die letzte Hose aus und warf sie in deine Badewanne und dann kamen die Wespen, keine Mosquitos, ich schnappte mir ein Handtuch und wirbelte es den Gegebenheiten entsprechend um sie zu vertreiben, nackt in deinen 30 m² Alemania, ich mit dem Handtuch und sonst nichts, wie die Sonne mich schuf eben, du mit dem Aufnehmer und außerdem die Tapete rettend, so viel Sangria überall, fünf Liter.

Das kleine Glück, ich mache eine Sache, Stück für Stück

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I have nothing to say so I better listen. Under capitalism, she says, people tend to starve as well, it is by no means a unique characteristic of socialism. I sense her disappointment. There goes my argument, it was of the weakest kind anyway so I don’t fight it. In Compton, as The Game told us, wear the wrong colours, be cautious.

Even more, she adds, capitalism needs socialism as some sort of counterbalance. Also as a way to induce fear. With us or against us, think of the consequences young worker. But but but I say and she says she talks so much more than me and it is true. End of line, no system reboot required. Expensive underwear is what she’s wearing.

If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home. Meanwhile I keep adding things to my online clothing retailer’s wishlist only to remove them merely an instant later. Why I don’t know. What or who keeps me back and is it me perhaps. Oh Freiburg, the not-so flossy flossy, a winner is you, least fashionable city, wearing a button-up shirt means you’re overdressed, sticking out, standing out, is this what you want

The answer is: Subscribe to our newsletter you fool. Add to cart. PayPal. DHL. Doorbell. Open the box. Put it on. Send it back because you can, free returns free everything forget everything fuck everything and especially fuck yourself you tool and while you’re at it fuck the DHL guy as well you little cog you still play this game you idiot, don’t think about it though just continue, this way please: Customers who liked this also liked

But yeah, I want this and I want that, so rich and famous, take and you shall receive, from the beginning to the end: losers lose winners win, four digits all around all of a sudden I tells ya, taking trips from here to Zähringen, what a life proletarian, I no longer buy the cheap milk like some sort of cheap person, flyin‘ first class up in the sky, dollar dollar bill gates. NOTICE ME

Thank you capitalism, thank you internet, I owe you all of my means of production, I read the manifesto, I agree with what you say Mr. Marx, one second though, a client is in need of my labour power. It’s Sunday and therefore the day of the Lord but there is money involved so what can i do right ahaha G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

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You don’t consider it to be a problem because you’re not affected I say and all of a sudden I feel like starting a tumblr for the first time ever. #hashtag #anotherhashtag #vegan #triggerwarning

The question at hand is important to her but not to him and I am not here to blame, no one is in fact, I’m trying my best to be the bridge, a white bridge of course, constantly whitewashing, the whitest boy alive, a colour seen as both innocent and guilty by default (thanks Obama!), a euro-centric mediator somewhere between being hurt and why would you care. This is not about safe spaces, this is not about America, all is well und alles wird gut.

She was born where there is a lot of sun and I was not and neither was he. To her it’s about what is considered to be normal and to him it’s about why would you worry woman calm down. He doesn’t explicitly say make me a sandwich but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Would I mind a sandwich, would anyone mind a sandwich, is it about the sandwich the answer is no.

Another day but sadly no sandwich in sight, instead another place but the question remains. To consider a certain colour to be seen as skin colour, I don’t mind it looking into the rear mirror, looking in front of us I see why it is indeed problematic but on the other hand I mean Saudi Arabia is a place which exists and as I’ve said before wir alle haben unser Kreuz zu tragen und was sagt es eigentlich aus, wenn wir uns um Luxusprobleme kümmern, eigentlich ein gutes Zeichen oder nicht, das Gröbste liegt hinter uns und jetzt geht es halt um das, was nicht ganz so wichtig ist im Großen und Ganzen, inschallah.

In Indien, so sagt sie, gibt es Kosmetik mit der Bezeichnung Hautfarben und die hat nichts mit der Realität zu tun, weil die Haut der Leute… also Indien halt. Ich werde nie wissen wie es für eine Person mit dunkler Haut ist, wenn what I am and what I cannot change is considered to be different by people who live far away and yet are in a position to make the rules. Calling it skin colour used to make sense for the people who came up with the term, it doesn’t any more, language is evolving, humans are evolving and neither cosmetics nor crayons are important but then again I am the whitest boy alive, I am in my 30s and I have a penis and to top things off I am German Autobahn Oktoberfest Auschwitz so what happened in the past is important but no matter what I cannot change it but the future, my dear S. and A., is what we can shape and in the end it’s up to you and me, so why are we fighting again, we can’t escape what made us but we can in fact leave behind what is no longer useful.

This is not about America, this is not about feminism, it’s about how we deal with the imperfections of the past and if we want to continue the path they provided us with or maybe build a new one. I’ll gladly help, I know about bridges, let’s build a new one and paint it black and call it Hautfarben, it won’t change anything, it’s not relevant, it won’t matter but we’ll get this nice feeling of having achieved something,

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Oui c’est OKAY

Water me, water me I need to grow and yes I agree you made me grow eventually. I still don’t know and a part of me wishes it/us would have worked out, it did not in the end, that’s life I guess and we all have our cross to carry. It was alright, it was more than that, I grew as you’d have said. Grew out of myself and out of you and into a new person. Why why

I guess I’m stuck with me. When there’s no middle ground there’s nothing but polar regions, opposing sides, north and south, au nord et au sud, zero or one, nothing in between. You were proud of me at times and I was proud of myself. A new country, a new everything, a new me. Haribos are so much softer in France did you know

With all my stuff in the back of the car, after ten hours of driving, Münster → Lyon, climbing the last hill to our new home, OUR new life, I asked you if everything’s okay and you said yes. In retrospect, this was the moment I lost faith. It’s bizarre to pinpoint it like that but I knew it back then and I do remember now. You said yes, you said you were just tired and so was I but yeah. You didn’t water me in the end, it was not your job, I am not complaining, did it all by myself, was doing alright, everything’s different but I could cope what else could I do. I started to miss what I hadn’t left behind yet and maybe you knew.

Everything’s different and I tried, I really tried. I went out and made friends and bonsoir, je suis désolé je ne parle pas de français. Est-ce que c’est possible… ähhh…. tu parles… sorry, I mean, vous parlez anglais by chance? Je m’appelle Simon, salut, schön dich kennenzulernenwiegehtesdir. I took the metro and before that I made a note on my phone on how to get to the place and more importantly how to get back. Arriving at the bar there were several tables, a different country flag carefully placed on each and every one, I wasn’t sure at first but I sat down at the French table and we spoke English, as is tradition. They figured I wasn’t a local in about zero seconds so I told my story which is your story which is our story which is

I met Texas Robert and I remember him being flamboyantly gay at first as if to test me or something but maybe it was just me and the Kinsey scale or he came to terms with reality pretty soon but whatever we became friends, juggling BALLS by the river and drinking rum at concerts, lost together, ensemble c’est tout as they say. He was and still is an American by trade, master of none. Oui c’est OKAY I’d say at times and we’d both laugh because of the circumstances and everything.

I’m over it Locke, I really am, it’s been a while, a whole bunch of time as your countrywomen would say, I know you’re still reading this, I just wish it went differently, that’s all I’m gonna/going to say. Truth is I never asked you to water me, but I needed to grow and you made me grow. Thank you I guess but also not

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Sie will am Hauptbahnhof in eine Tram umsteigen und sagt Hautbahnhof. Wie so einer wohl aussehen könnte, frag ich mich. Nächster Halt Ellenbogen, Umstieg am Lymphknotenpunkt und am Kopfbahnhof angekommen geht es nur noch in die andere Richtung.

Wörter mit zwei Konsonanten hintereinander sind schwer, sagt sie. Ihren Beruf zum Beispiel kann sie nur mit viel einhergehender Konzentration aussprechen, trotz all der Übung, trotz all der Jahre. Noch schwerer sind gleich drei Konsonanten, insbesondere wenn sie dabei nicht weniger als alles durcheinander bringt. Meeresfrüchte werden da schnell zum Meeresfrühstück. Was die unter Wasser wohl frühstücken, ich weiß es nicht. Mit Cornflakes oder so ist da nichts, die sind in Nullkommanichts labberig. Auch Kaffee ist problematisch, wegen dem Salz, wegen des Salzes meine ich, des Salzes wegen. Sie meint, dass in ihrem Deutschbuch stand, wegen dem Salz wäre auch in Ordnung, weil man das heute eben so sagt. Wer eigentlich die Regeln macht will sie wissen und ich sage im sozialistischen Geiste wir alle. Aber es hat doch diese Reform mal gegeben hakt sie nach, wer hat das denn entschieden. Das hat ewig gedauert sage ich und dann kommt ihre Tram und sie steigt ein. Bildung ist Ländersache

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